Many of us have a damaged vehicle parked in our driveways and little to no energy to deal with the “junk”. However wrecked vehicles are more valuable than you would think. With a bit of effort, you can get a lot of good in return. In this guide, we will look at how to sell your junk car, why selling wrecked cars is a good idea, and more.

Selling wrecked cars in the local community

Selling wrecked cars in the local community

There are many options you can choose to opt for when it comes to selling wrecked cars. You can sell your vehicle online to buyers across the country or you can take your vehicle to the nearest scrapyard or junk car buyer and sell it over there. However, we prefer selling wrecked cars in the local community and there are a couple of good reasons why.

  1. Since you’re selling your vehicle, the transaction will have a buyer and seller. Having both the people from the same community would ensure that the money revolves around in the community rather than leaving the community never to be seen again.
  2. One man’s trash is another’s treasure. This is true in a lot of ways as your old vehicle might be redundant to you but having a few things fixed in it can have the vehicle back on the road. Those buying your wrecked vehicle might be able to put it to better use which can further improve the local community.
  3. Many agents who might buy your wrecked vehicle would further sell the good parts off while scraping the rest of the car. The scraps are then used to create products like tools and equipment that would help others in and around the area.

Why should one consider selling wrecked cars?

Why should one consider selling wrecked cars

A wrecked car is considered an asset. Although it might not be in good working condition, it can be restored and used for a few more years. But that doesn’t mean we recommend fixing wrecked cars. Fixing would run you a few hundred or even thousands of dollars depending on the repair work required. Selling wrecked cars rather than repairing them is the right way to go about things.

So why should you consider selling wrecked cars? It’s simple – Cold hard cash. You may find yourself in a tough predicament one day and might need cash to sort your situation out. What do you do? Do you go for a loan or do you sell things that you don’t use anymore? Not many of us have a great credit score hence resorting to things that we can sell is the best way to raise money to ride a tough situation.

Whatever situation you may be in, whether it be hospital bills or general living expenses, you can depend on selling your wrecked car for a bit of quick cash.

Selling wrecked cars online

Selling wrecked cars online

E-commerce has skyrocketed in recent years with many looking to the internet for all their daily needs. Whether it be clothes shopping, medication, groceries, or anything else, the internet remains one of the largest places where millions of transactions take place in a minute. Here are a few ways you can sell your wrecked vehicle.


This is one of the oldest platforms where people post ads of the things they are looking to sell. The ads are then viewed by prospective buyers either online or through newspapers. Craigslist has been known as a no-go selling platform for businesses if they are looking to generate leads however craigslist is also known for selling wrecked, junk, or old items. This might be your best bet to selling wrecked cars online. Take a couple of good photos and get those up and running on your ad.

Facebook marketplace

Another place that has taken off when it comes to selling wrecked cars, old vehicles, junk cars, and more is the Facebook marketplace. The platform has millions of users actively using Facebook throughout the day. An advertisement on Facebook is most likely going to be positive as its algorithms divert ads to the right target audience rather than showing it to everyone. This is great as you cancel out all those other people that might waste your time and simply target those that might be interested. You can try to put the ad up on Instagram too using the right hashtags.


eBay is another huge platform where used and new items are traded (bought and sold) daily. Although considered outdated in the modern world, eBay still has thousands of transactions happening on a daily which gives you a greater chance of selling wrecked cars.

Before selling wrecked cars, there are a few things you need to do or be aware of to ensure you get the most out of a deal.

Even if the vehicle is wrecked, you need to check it thoroughly before selling it off. The vehicle might have good running parts or some recent parts that you fixed might be running. These items or parts are a great source of quick cash and selling them individually can give you a healthy one-time income.

Try to research the businesses that might purchase your wrecked vehicle. See which one has great reviews and customer service. Selling a vehicle can be hectic and a good company will make this process much easier. Try to also look for a company that will come to you and tow your vehicle away free of charge so that you don’t have to go through the hassle of dropping your vehicle.

So, what if you don’t have a title to your wrecked car, can you still sell it then? Check the site to learn how you can sell your vehicle if you don’t have any title or registration papers.

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