Do you have a junk car that is gathering dust by sitting on your driveway? Rather than letting it take space, you can sell it. This way you will get rid of your junk car and will get some money at the same time.

There are many junk car buyers who would gladly buy your junk car. They will even pay you a good amount of cash if your car is worth it.

Before you sell your car, you have to find out how much is a junk car worth. In 2020, you can get anywhere from a little $50 to a whopping $10,000 depending on the condition of your car.

Various factors can affect the true worth of your junk car. Some of those factors are given below. So, take a look at those to know how much is a junk car worth.

Your car’s location

Your junk car’s location has a lot to do with the value of it. When you are thinking about how much is a junk car worth, you should consider which city or town your car is located in.

If your town has a bunch of junk car buyers, there’s a high chance that you’ll get a good price for your car. You’ll have more options in hand and it will result in a good bargain for you. Even the price of scrap can vary from place to place.

There are even certain models of cars that are popular in some parts of the country. So, you will get more cash if your owned model is popular in your area.

Your car’s age

In the US, most of the cars that are sold as junk cars are at least 10 to 15 years old or even older than that. As you are thinking of selling your car to a junk car buyer, I’m assuming it’s already pretty old.

The age of your vehicle can play a significant role in how much cash you are likely to get for your junk car. A newer model will likely get you more cash than an older one.

Made year and model of your car

The made year and the model of your car is a key piece of information. When you are dealing with a junk car dealer, this information is really important as it will determine your car’s present value.

As we’ve discussed a moment ago, some models and makes are more popular than others in some parts of the country. So, if you own one of them, you can consider yourself lucky.

The condition of your car

The worth of your junk car mostly depends on the present condition of your car. Is your car in a running state? What is the mileage of your car? Is your car severely damaged? All of these matters will have a pretty solid impact on the value of your car. You have to be honest with the junk dealer about the condition of your car. Only then they can get the exact idea about your car and determine its true worth.

Current prices of the scrap

Most of the time junk cars are so old that they can only be sold for their scrap value. So, the price of the scrap is crucial for junk dealers. It’s important for you too as your junk car’s price will be decided by the current price of the scrap.

The price of scrap is ever-changing. It fluctuates a lot. So, try to know the current price of scrap to bargain about your car’s price.

Tips to get a good price for a junk car

As you already know how much is a junk car worth, let’s now talk about some important tips to increase the price of your car.

  • Have your car title- You need to have your car title to sell a car in almost every state. Though scrap yards can be flexible about the title, it may affect the price of your car negatively. So, prepare all the documents related to your car to get a good deal.
  • Know the current price of scrap metal- As we’ve already told you that the current price of scrap is one of the most important factors when you are trying to sell your junk car. So, research the current price of scrap and get ready to bargain with the junk dealer.
  • Find multiple junk dealers- Try to find more than one junk dealer. Then compare the price and choose the best one. You’ll get a better deal.
  • Name your price- Not every car dealer is honest. Many of them will try to con you. Do your groundwork and name the price of your car yourself. Just don’t overvalue it.

Let’s wrap things up now.

These pieces of information should be enough to help you to get a good price for your junk car. Just remember to research before you bargain with a junk dealer and you’ll be good to go.

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