Selling junk car parts is always a great idea to make a quick buck! But if you need help with how to go about it, start the search to sell your junk vehicle for top scrap prices by researching nearby junk car dealers.

Remember the adage, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure?”

It also works for cars; there is always an individual or others searching for junk car parts for various reasons. Sounds exciting, right? This article is all about selling junk car parts. We will discuss car junk parts, what to avoid during a junk car search, selling car salvage parts, dealing with auto parts salvage, and more.

Let’s get started!

What Car Parts Can You Sell?

Selling Car Parts

There are various car parts you can sell for instant cash, and some are recyclable, while others are reusable. It would be best if you considered selling the following junk car parts to make a quick buck.

Transmission And Engine

If the engine and transmission are still in proper working order, they may survive on another vehicle. Some car owners may replace a broken engine or transmission with an inexpensive second-hand one.

If you have a workable engine and transmission in your junk car, you may want to consider selling these parts before junking your car. It can fetch you a great price!

GPS System

Many drivers nowadays use their iPhones as GPS devices, but that doesn’t imply a built-in GPS is useless.

A built-in GPS provides the benefits of a specialized, hands-free, mounted, and voice-operated GPS device to a driver.

If you love driving outside of town, you will concur that a built-in GPS performs better because it frees up your phone for other purposes and keeps your eyes concentrated on the road.

Check to see if the built-in GPS in your junk car is working. If so, you may want to consider selling it.


tools needed to change a tire

If your junk car’s wheels are in good condition, it can fetch you some money if you sell it to the right buyer.

These components are simple to detach from your vehicle. Depending on the item you have, its quality, and the level of demand for it, you may get a good deal.

Audio System

Most drivers enjoy listening to tunes while on the road, which means an audio system is a must. You might obtain money for the car’s audio system if it is in good condition.

The Airbags

Each time an airbag deploys following an accident, it must be replaced – unless the car is damaged! Given the exorbitant cost of brand-new airbags, the fact that every car manufactured now comes with several airbags has created a substantial secondary market.

You can sell many other junk car parts before junking your vehicle, and some of these include:

  • The car’s gasket
  • Fenders
  • Doors
  • Bumpers
  • Rims

Car Salvage Parts That Can Get You Good Money

AC Compressor

Car salvage parts can range from ordinary to extraordinary prices, depending on their value. Certain car parts may seem useless to you, but these junk car parts can give you a little more cash for your junk car.

The following are some car salvage parts that sell for good money on the secondary car market.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioners (A/C) compressors are pretty valuable in the salvage market. An air conditioning compressing system for Toyota Camry can cost up to $1,000. Even air conditioner filters and condensers could cost more than $200.


An entire exhaust system, including a catalytic converter in some vehicles, may cost approximately $500 and $1,000. An exhaust “system” varies from manifolds or headers, so consult with a local garage to see how much you can get.

The US Environment Protection Agency (EPA) advises consumers to purchase only genuine CFCs from the refurbished component market to preserve manufacturing integrity.


Selling your junk car’s battery to a scrap yard may only get you approximately $20 while recycling it will keep toxic chemicals out of the environment.

Instead of promptly recycling the battery, you may restore it using filtered water and Sodium Chloride. It could boost the battery’s lifespan by five years or more!

Avoid These Mistakes At Auto Parts Salvage

junk car parts

We’ve gone over some valuable information for a seller, but what if you’re a buyer and conducting a junk car search?

Auto parts salvage is another name for the second-hand car market, which is a great place to bargain for people intending to sell junk car parts. During your junk car search, you may come across many auto parts salvage, but avoiding the following mistakes when visiting a salvage yard is essential.

Lack Of Awareness

Doing your research before heading to an auto parts salvage is necessary. A lack of awareness of the services a salvage yard offers can lead to a bad deal.

For example, some scrapyards may not offer complimentary transportation when you buy automotive components from a salvage yard. You may need to consider how you will take the car part home from the salvage yard.

Ask About Warranties

Many salvage yards now provide guarantees on items giving consumers the confidence to spend their hard-earned cash. Warranties are vital in salvage yards because you may have minimal ability to determine an item’s quality before making a purchase.

However, not all salvage yards offer warranties on second-hand parts, which is why it is essential to ask about them when you’re interested in buying a particular car component.

Carry Safety Equipment

If you’re purchasing several components or car parts at a salvage yard, it is essential to carry safety equipment to ensure you don’t hurt yourself on the drive back home.

For example, you would need a harness or a sturdy rope to keep the equipment or car components steady during the drive.

Request For Help

Scouring the salvage yard can lead to a lot of wasted time looking for items you don’t even know are available. It is best to speak to an employee who can help navigate you to the car part you’re looking for, allowing you to save time during your trip.

Whether you’re looking to sell junk car parts or buy them at the secondary car market, researching is crucial to get a good deal.

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