Multiple junk car buyers can be found in every state with competition sprouting every now and then bringing a bit of innovation in their services to win over junk car sellers. The moment you start searching about “junk car buyers near me” on google, your feed is instantly filled with ads relating to junk cars and their flashy bold posters stating “we buy junk cars no title no registration”. You might be tempted but another part of you remains skeptical on whether or not this could be a scam. So, are these junk car buyers legit?

Are these junk car buyers “we buy junk cars no title no registration” legit?

Are these junk car buyers “we buy junk cars no title no registration” legit

Another way to look at this is from the seller’s point of view. So if you’re wondering “can you sell a car without a title?” then the answer is it depends. From state to state, your laws vary, and therefore it is important to check your state laws before making a decision to sell your vehicle without a title. Some states will not require a title while others do require proof of ownership. So, if you’ve lost your title, you can still sell your vehicle if you have your insurance documents or any other paperwork that states that the vehicle belongs to you. Proving ownership is a prerequisite to buying a car with no title.

Many junk car buyers will not purchase a vehicle without a title or registration because the hassle to contact the local DMV to get duplicate documents or replacement papers can be too much for such businesses. However, with so much market saturation in this space, there are junk car buyers who will buy your junk car without a title or registration and go through the hassle themselves to get its documents. They will also transfer the paperwork in their name too. This is a value-added service by some junk car buyers to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

With such junk car buyers, you might face low ball offers due to incomplete documentation. Hence, we do recommend that you sort out your paperwork so that there are no loose ends from your side.

How to sell cars to junk car buyers?

How to sell cars to junk car buyers

Now that we’ve established that companies that state “we buy junk cars no title no registration” are possible and do exist, you need to find such junk car buyers by searching on the internet.

Here are a few things we recommend doing if you’re looking for some guidance on how to sell a car to the junkyard.

  1. Do a quick check inside the car to find out any items you may have left behind or forgotten. Check the seat pockets, under the seat and other hard to reach areas. Usually, these spots end up hiding items that you thought were once lost.
  2. Go through your vehicle’s paperwork. See if all your documentation is complete. If you’ve lost some paperwork, try to see if you can issue a duplicate for a couple of dollars from your local DMV. Complete paperwork will fetch your vehicle at a good price.
  3. Sometimes vehicles may have been repaired or parts replaced. These can be new and good to use parts. We suggest taking out these spare parts before selling your junk car to junk car buyers.
  4. Remove your vehicle plates as they’re of no good to scrap dealers. Some local state laws require sellers of junk cars to remove their vehicle plates before selling so that no one can think about misusing your vehicle plates.
  5. Call up your insurance company and cancel your insurance on the vehicle you’re planning to sell. Many companies will not reimburse you the insurance amount if you have forgotten to cancel your insurance, however, there are some companies that do understand this and will happily give your insurance payments back. But don’t rely on this and get your insurance canceled before you sell your vehicle.
  6. There are a lot of junk car buyers in every state. This can affect the rate you get. Don’t stick with the first offer you receive. It is always good to check the market and see if you can get a better offer. With so much competition in this space, you might find yourself with a greater offer and even have a free pick up service.

It is always important to do your research before selling your vehicle. Many will try to lowball you if you don’t have complete paperwork or if your vehicle is too old. However, searching for the market can reap benefits in the form of better selling prices, value-added services, and more. Do your research and make some quick cash by selling your junk car.

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