Buying A Car With No Title? Don’t Worry, Here’s What To Do…

Oftentimes you may find yourself in a situation where you don’t know what to do. Imagine this. You’ve gone to a car dealer and found a car that’s perfect for you. You’ve checked that it works fine, the engine is roaring and the wheels are moving. You’ve gone through the interior and are satisfied with it. You’ve even asked for the price and negotiated the rates. At the time of the payment or even after that, you are told by the car dealer that there is no title available for the car. Now you’re in a situation where you’ve bought or are buying a car with no title. So, What do you do?

Why is title important when purchasing a vehicle?

Why is title important when purchasing a vehicle

In a nutshell, the vehicle title proves the ownership of the car. So if you have a vehicle already, you must have its title lying around somewhere which would state that you own the vehicle. The title is not a deed but a certificate or a statement that contains information about the vehicle like its model, make, year, engine, and more. This type of information is essential in determining how much tax and registration cost is applicable to your vehicle.

A title is not only important for the buyer or seller as well. It contains information about when you purchased the vehicle among the many times it changed hands. As a seller, you need to keep the title of a vehicle for 18 months after you’ve sold the vehicle as proof of purchase. You need to take care of the vehicle’s title as upon losing it, the process of applying for a copy of the title from your local DMV can be a hassle.

Buying a car with no title can be a dodgy sale as in many cases, stolen vehicles or flooded cars are usually sold to unsuspecting buyers or those who have no idea of the importance of a title.

So now that you know the importance of vehicle title, what to do when you’re buying a car with no title?

What to do when you’re buying a car with no title?

What to do when you’re buying a car with no title

Yep, the situation you’re in can happen to anyone. You’re at the buyer, select your vehicle and later you realize there is no vehicle title for it. In such cases, do what we do, follow the guidelines below.

Do you research

It’s always important to do your research before buying anything. In this case, before buying a car with no title, you can start your research by looking at the vehicle’s car history. A car’s legal status and history can easily be ordered from online registered companies like Carfax. A vehicle history report or VHR is important to find out whether the vehicle is clean, stolen, or salvaged.

VHR has information like when the car was purchased, who the owner was, when it was sold, was the vehicle involved in an accident, and more. If the VHR is not positive at all or feels like something shady might be going on, then follow your instincts and walk away. You’ll find another vehicle later, just as good if not better.

Get a bill of sale

Get a bill of sale

Okay, so this is pretty straightforward. Since you know that you won’t be getting a vehicle title upon purchase, you need a document to prove your ownership of the vehicle in the future. Ask the seller to make a bill of sale before buying a car with no title or before making full payment.

The bill of sale should include VIN, odometer reading, sale price, and the items included with the vehicle. Make sure other terms and conditions are mentioned on the bill of sale. Personal information like buyers’ details and seller details (legal names, legal addresses, and phone numbers) should also be mentioned on the bill of sale.

Do note that when buying things, always pay in the form of a cheque or bank draft with an agreement. If the seller has promised to provide the title or any other documents after a few days, then you need some security to protect yourself. Paying cash would simply close the transaction with the seller not obliged to give you the remaining documents. Always have an agreement with the seller in place.

Get a duplicate copy

We mentioned earlier about getting a duplicate from a DMV. Although it can be a hassle, it is another option that individuals can choose to go for if they’re buying a car with no title. You can apply for a duplicate copy of the title or ask the seller to arrange it for you. It might take a few weeks before the DMV gets back with a copy of the title. Once the title arrives, then you can purchase the vehicle without any worries.

If you have a vehicle without a title and are looking to sell? Let us know. Click here to find out how to sell cars to car buyers.

Can You Sell a Car Without a Title?

People generally sell their cars for two reasons. Whether they want to update their car or just want to get rid of the junk car. Whatever the reason is, to sell a car you need to have some paperwork done with you. Car title and registration is one of them. So, now the question arises, can you sell a car without a title? Keep reading to get the answer.

What are car titles and registration?

What are car titles and registration

Before we start the conversation about can you sell a car without a title, let’s start with the basics. So, what is the title of a car? The title of a car is the legal piece of document that works as the proof of your ownership of that particular vehicle.

A title not only bears proof that the car is yours, but it also contains other important information like VIN ( vehicle identification number). In many states, the title is a piece of paper, while in others it’s a digital document. There are some states in which the title is known as the pink slip.

A car registration on the other hand is the permission for that particular vehicle to be on the road.

Though a car title is a one-time thing, you have to renew the car registration every year or two to keep the car eligible to be driven on the road.

Can you sell a car without a title?

As we have got the basic introduction of car title and registration, now it’s time to answer the main question, “can you sell a car without a title?” The answer is yes and no both.

Every state has different laws regarding buying and selling cars. If the car you want to sell is considered a junk car in your state then you can sell your car without a title. There are many junk car dealers and scrap yards that will gladly buy your junk car without a title or registration. But keep in mind that you have to have proof that the car is yours.

But if your car is still in a good condition and you don’t want to sell it as junk or scrap then normally it’s gonna be hard if not impossible to sell it without a title.

Generally, in most states selling a car without a title is illegal. So, if you try to sell your car without a title, it will cause an alarm. But if the car is truly yours then there should be some logical explanations for the missing title. Maybe you have lost the title or it is damaged or stolen, or maybe you have never titled the car when you purchased it.

If your title is missing for upper mentioned reasons then you have a chance to sell your car. Here are some tips that will help you to sell your car without a title.

Replace the title

If your car’s title is lost, damaged, or stolen then the best option is to replace the title. You can contact your seller or the local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and ask them the procedures of replacing the title. You should be able to get the replacement of your car’s title by spending some fees. Just keep in mind that if you have ever altered any of the parts that were listed in the title, most of the DMV will not consider the previous title as valid.

Search for alternate titling options

As I have mentioned earlier, every state has its own law for buying and selling cars. Try to look up some alternate options for titling.

Bill of sale

If the question “Can you sell a car without a title” is running wild in your head then here’s another tip for you. You might use the bill of sale of your car to prove that the vehicle truly belongs to you. This will help the buyer when registering the car. Just notarize this document before using it as many of the states recommends notarizing it.

Be clear with your buyer

Be clear with your buyer

If you can not manage to get a title, make sure to tell your buyer everything about it. And if you owe money on your car, pay off the debt before selling it. If you can not pay the debt then try to arrange a transferring procedure between the buyer and the lender so that the buyer can pay the remaining amount of the money.

An important tip to remember

Follow this tip after you have successfully sold your car without the title. Keep copies of all the paperwork related to your car. Remember that this is for your own safety. If the new owner never makes a title for the car and anything bad happens involving your car, you’ll be held responsible. So, keep a copy of all the paperwork.


Though selling your car without the title is not a stress-free task; it’s possible. Follow the upper mentioned steps to sell your car that doesn’t have a title. But remember one thing. If it’s illegal in your state to buy or sell a car without a title, you can’t do anything.

“We Buy Junk Cars No Title No Registration”: Are These Junk Car Buyers Legit?

Multiple junk car buyers can be found in every state with competition sprouting every now and then bringing a bit of innovation in their services to win over junk car sellers. The moment you start searching about “junk car buyers near me” on google, your feed is instantly filled with ads relating to junk cars and their flashy bold posters stating “we buy junk cars no title no registration”. You might be tempted but another part of you remains skeptical on whether or not this could be a scam. So, are these junk car buyers legit?

Are these junk car buyers “we buy junk cars no title no registration” legit?

Are these junk car buyers “we buy junk cars no title no registration” legit

Another way to look at this is from the seller’s point of view. So if you’re wondering “can you sell a car without a title?” then the answer is it depends. From state to state, your laws vary, and therefore it is important to check your state laws before making a decision to sell your vehicle without a title. Some states will not require a title while others do require proof of ownership. So, if you’ve lost your title, you can still sell your vehicle if you have your insurance documents or any other paperwork that states that the vehicle belongs to you. Proving ownership is a prerequisite to buying a car with no title.

Many junk car buyers will not purchase a vehicle without a title or registration because the hassle to contact the local DMV to get duplicate documents or replacement papers can be too much for such businesses. However, with so much market saturation in this space, there are junk car buyers who will buy your junk car without a title or registration and go through the hassle themselves to get its documents. They will also transfer the paperwork in their name too. This is a value-added service by some junk car buyers to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

With such junk car buyers, you might face low ball offers due to incomplete documentation. Hence, we do recommend that you sort out your paperwork so that there are no loose ends from your side.

How to sell cars to junk car buyers?

How to sell cars to junk car buyers

Now that we’ve established that companies that state “we buy junk cars no title no registration” are possible and do exist, you need to find such junk car buyers by searching on the internet.

Here are a few things we recommend doing if you’re looking for some guidance on how to sell a car to the junkyard.

  1. Do a quick check inside the car to find out any items you may have left behind or forgotten. Check the seat pockets, under the seat and other hard to reach areas. Usually, these spots end up hiding items that you thought were once lost.
  2. Go through your vehicle’s paperwork. See if all your documentation is complete. If you’ve lost some paperwork, try to see if you can issue a duplicate for a couple of dollars from your local DMV. Complete paperwork will fetch your vehicle at a good price.
  3. Sometimes vehicles may have been repaired or parts replaced. These can be new and good to use parts. We suggest taking out these spare parts before selling your junk car to junk car buyers.
  4. Remove your vehicle plates as they’re of no good to scrap dealers. Some local state laws require sellers of junk cars to remove their vehicle plates before selling so that no one can think about misusing your vehicle plates.
  5. Call up your insurance company and cancel your insurance on the vehicle you’re planning to sell. Many companies will not reimburse you the insurance amount if you have forgotten to cancel your insurance, however, there are some companies that do understand this and will happily give your insurance payments back. But don’t rely on this and get your insurance canceled before you sell your vehicle.
  6. There are a lot of junk car buyers in every state. This can affect the rate you get. Don’t stick with the first offer you receive. It is always good to check the market and see if you can get a better offer. With so much competition in this space, you might find yourself with a greater offer and even have a free pick up service.

It is always important to do your research before selling your vehicle. Many will try to lowball you if you don’t have complete paperwork or if your vehicle is too old. However, searching for the market can reap benefits in the form of better selling prices, value-added services, and more. Do your research and make some quick cash by selling your junk car.

Even When Your Car Is Pure Junk There Are Places That Buy Cars Without Titles

If you have a car that you badly want to sell and you do not have a title for it you will be quite desperate to know the names of places that buy cars without titles. Probably one of the best places that buy cars without titles are junkyards who will make you an instant offer.

The value and interest in your car decrease with age and mileage; the older the car the harder it is to find a buyer. Many people are also not interested in buying old cars. New cars, electric cars, car-sharing, and leased cars are gaining more and more space in the car market as interest in them grows. With an authorized junkyard, however, you can easily sell a car of an older model even if it is without a title.

Your car’s title tells everyone that the car you are driving belongs to you. It is a certificate that is issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles and it proves your ownership of the vehicle.  If you have got a car that is being financed, you would not have the title until you complete all the payments.

A Lost Title and the Inability to Replace It

A Lost Title and the Inability to Replace It

It is all very well having a title, but like so many other people, you may have lost yours, and that means you should have it replaced just as soon as possible.

Lots of inconveniences

That means a trip to the titling agency and filing paperwork to get it replaced. It also means that you will have to pay a fee to get the replacement title. These titles have your name on them, your vehicle identification number or VIN as it is commonly known as,  an odometer reading as well as the weight class your vehicle is in.

Sometimes circumstances prevent you from getting the title. If only you could just know the names of some places that buy cars without titles as then you could just get rid of your car once and for all.

Car Junkyards are your Lifeline

It goes without saying that if you do try to sell your car without a title, your options are going to be more limited than if you had a title. But that does not need to spell the end of the road for you.

There are car junkyards that are willing to pay cash for cars without a title. They will even do this when they know that your car is undrivable. In fact, determining what your junk car is worth relies on a few things such as how old the car really is, the model, and its condition. Then again, some cars are seriously pure junk and nothing in the world will make them start and come to life again. Even cars like this can put some cash in your pocket.

There are places that buy cars without titles

There are places that buy cars without titles

So if you know that your car is taking up space in your garden because it no longer goes and in fact, it is deteriorating every day that it stands there, there are places that buy cars like this without titles.

These car junkyards will take your car as it is without a title, and what’s more, they will come to your place to tow your car away free of charge. That can be a huge weight off your mind. If you are totally out of options as to what to do with your junk car, then a junkyard in your area can be the ultimate solution for you.

If your car has not been maintained and you even see rust on it from standing in all kinds of weather conditions, believe it or not, you can still get a price for it. That is the beauty of these junkyards – they are willing to do what other buyers will refuse to do for you.

True, you may not always get the price that you would have liked, had your car been in better repair or if you had the title, but it can be a relief getting your piece of scrap taken away from your property and having some cash in your pocket. If you want to sell your car quickly, this has to be one of the best options.

Car junkyards in every state

Car junkyards in every state

Each state is different but if you were living in Minnesota just as an example, some places that buy cars without titles are among others Speedy Auto – Cash for Junk Cars, Cash for Junk Car Removal, and the Clunker Junker.

Places like these will buy your junk car for cash even though it is looked upon as a total wreck. They do not dilly dally these junkyards either, and once you have submitted an online form to them found on their website it is ‘A’ for ‘Away’.

Who Will Buy My Junk Car And Offer Me Reasonable Cash?

If you have an old car that needs expensive repairs or has not been used for a long time, you may want to consider scrapping it. And once you consider scrapping it, the question may arise in your head “who will buy my junk car?”

From an environmental point of view, it is best if the car can be reused for as long as possible. Even before a new car hits the road, it has caused large amounts of carbon dioxide emissions.

The production of new cars, especially those with lithium batteries and many computer components, has a huge climate impact. Pulling out a scrap of your old car can therefore be beneficial to the environment.

People surrounded by clutter and junk are frustrated and less efficient. But for many people, the problem is knowing how to declutter inside and outside your home. But who will buy my junk car is a question you will want to have answered when starting your clean-up from the outside.

The answer to the question who will buy my junk car is answered by saying that there are junk car removal companies who will tow your junk car away free of charge and also leave you with some worthwhile cash in your pocket.

Who will Buy my Junk Car – Somebody actually wants your car

get rid junk car without title

Start today by knowing that there is an answer to the question ‘who will buy my junk car’, and the answer is yes, there is someone By getting rid of end-of-life cars and other useless stuff, you can have a proper place for all the valuable items you use.

People are funny – they can simply become used to seeing- and ignoring the junk lying around, and you essentially need to know that the longer you wait around to get rid of your junk car, the lower its value becomes.

No longer responds to repair work

how to get rid of a car that doesn't run

Not only that, some vehicles just reach a stage where they are costing you way too much in repairs and by selling such a car, you will be sparing yourself a lot of wasted money, as some cars no longer respond to repair work done on them.

If you have a junk car sitting on your property, you probably think that there is nowhere and nobody will be interested in it. But even if you think your car is not worth a cent, somebody wants it, as they recognize its value. They know that such an old car is full of essential, valuable parts and they are willing to pay you decent cash for it.

Towing services offered free


You may believe that just the price of having it towed off your property will be so exorbitant that you just allow it to rather remain in your yard. But did you know that there are junk car removal services in your area that will in fact remove your car free of charge?  You can have your car towed away and also collect some cash just for getting rid of your junk car.

There are people who take your car as-is

If you want to know who will buy my junk car in the condition it is in, there are people who will take your car exactly as-is. However, if your car does look as if someone else might be able to restore some life to it, then it is worth preparing it a little bit as there is every chance you can get some more money for it.  Check your car over and remove any valuables you might have left lying in your car.

Also, having the title of your car will be useful because it will help in proving that you are the owner of the junk car. But even not having a title need not mean that you can’t get rid of your junk car, as there are junk car removal services that will still take your car without a title.

Simply fill in an online form to get the process started

The beauty of getting rid of your car to a junkyard willing to take it as-is that you just have to fill in the form online to get rid of it. The form is short but it is still a good idea to provide enough information about your car so that they have a rough idea of what they will pay you for it.

So, if you want an answer to the question ‘who will buy my junk car when I believe I can not sell it’ there are junk car companies that will offer you all the services you need to ensure you can get rid of your useless old car. They will pick your junk car up from your yard and take it away, and what is more, the payment they make will be made instantly, All it requires from you is to do research to find such a company, fill in the online form, and submit.

Instant Cash on the Spot

We understand that cash is tight for many Americans. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, many businesses have been temporarily or permanently closed, and many workers are out of a job. A lot of people find themselves asking, “What’s a quick way to earn a couple extra dollars?”

Inoperable Junk Car Getting Ticketed? Or impounded?

If you’ve had that old clunker of a junk car illegally parked on a city street, begging to be impounded. Or perhaps the city has ticketed your rusty lawn sculpture for sitting in your front yard. Or maybe that junk car is just taking up precious space in your garage, and your wife has asked you countless times to get rid of it.  If any of these sound familiar, then we just might have a solution for all your problems.  As a Minnesota Vikings Great once said, “Sell your junk car for Straight Cash Homie!” ~ Randy Moss 1998

Avoid the Impound Lot During Snow Emergencies 

Get Fast Cash for Junk Cars in Minnesota

One of history’s most respectable noblemen, Ned Stark was once quoted as saying “Winter is coming.”  So this winter, avoid the added stress of having a broken-down inoperable vehicle parked illegally on a Minneapolis or St Paul city street right before a snow emergency, because that anxiety can be quite overwhelming. It’s especially stressful knowing there’s a snow emergency coming soon and your junk car is illegally parked and will likely be towed by the city of Minneapolis or St Paul and will be stuck in an impound lot. It’s that all too familiar feeling many Minneapolis and St Paul residents know all too well. If your junk car gets impounded you know you won’t be able to get it out of the impound lot, because the impound fees would cost more than your scrap car is actually worth.

Say Goodbye to Your Junk Car – Say Hello to Spare Cash

So why not say “Adios!” to your clunker, and scrap your car for some extra cash on the side? It’s a nice little cash boost to get you through to your next paycheck, especially for a junk car that doesn’t even run. Like our collective mom’s all used to say “Get rid of it!” At Cash Today for Junk Cars, we know there are hundreds of options to sell junk cars. Some folks think it might be difficult to determine who will give you the best price for your old junker based on a simple internet search.

Highest Cash Offers for Junk Cars in Minnesota

We are proud to let you in on a little known Minnesota secret. We offer the highest cash offers for junk cars in the state of Minnesota because first of all we’re a junkyard and can offer more because we can process our own cars. Second of all we are the largest volume junk cars buyer in Minneapolis St Paul and the Twin Cities metro area. Were not telling you this to brag. The reason why we say we buy the most is because we make money in the sheer volume of junk cars we buy, not how much we can nickel and dime you like the competition many times offering half as much as Cash Today for Junk Cars.

Our Junk Car Price Match Guarantee

We have a Price Match Guarantee to back that up. When you buy the amount of junk cars as we do you’re able to offer quite a bit more than every other junk car buyer in the twin cities, St. Paul, Minneapolis and surrounding metro area. We value our customers; that’s why we offer free towing services and cash on the spot. We know you don’t have extra money to spend on having your junk car hauled away, so we pride ourselves in making the selling process as convenient and user-friendly as possible. Cash Today for Junk Cars is here to offer you the most money possible for your clunker, not minimize your payout.

The Junk Car Industry has a Checkered Reputation

As junk car buyers who have been in the industry for over 15 years, we’ve heard horror stories from disgruntled customers, to extreme skepticism. Whether it be junk car sellers who’ve had negative experiences in the past or people who simply think a price match guarantee is too good to be true. We totally get it. Being in this industry for as long as we have, we are keenly aware that there are a lot of sketchy junk car buyers who make false claims and deliberately mislead their customers. 

We Offer The Highest Price for Junk Cars Upfront

One of the world’s most respected lyricists once wrote “Quit playing games with my heart. With my heart.”  ~ The Backstreet Boys.  This is exactly why we at Cash Today for Junk Cars pride ourselves on integrity and giving our best and highest offer for your junk car right out of the gate. We genuinely believe being “fair in all of our dealings”. We also sincerely believe, by developing a trustworthy name in the junk car industry in Minnesota, will not only serve our clientele by enabling them to fetch a fair price for their junk cars, but it also gives us a huge edge over the competition.    

This way of doing business is definitely harder and is the road less traveled, but we know in the long run it will actually serve our business well too, and give us the staying power that many junk car buyers in the past have not been able to achieve. We’ve intentionally put an emphasis on integrity because we firmly believe if we treat our clients right, we will be returned.

The proof is in the pudding. All you have to do is take a look at our numbers: we have a 99% customer satisfaction rate over a 15 year period and a 4.5 star rating on Google. (4.5 stars is especially impressive considering the fake negative reviews our competition writes about us daily.) All kidding aside, we believe in honesty, and integrity and respect, and we do our best to prove it to our clients and colleagues on a daily basis.

If you’re looking for a quick way to earn some extra cash, you can rely on Cash Today for Junk Cars to offer competitive pricing for your junk car as well as cash on the spot. Our experts will bring your money with them at the time of towing. There’s no need to worry about how or when you will get your cash; we know you have enough on your plate. Call or email us today for a free quote on your clunker. We offer a price match guarantee so you can be assured you are getting the best deal for your junk car in the Twin Cities. All you have to do is accept our offer, and you’ll have cold, hard cash in your pocket before you know it. Don’t waste anymore time: contact the leading seller of junk cars in the metro area, and get your cash sooner rather than later.