Buying A Car With No Title? Don’t Worry, Here’s What To Do…

Oftentimes you may find yourself in a situation where you don’t know what to do. Imagine this. You’ve gone to a car dealer and found a car that’s perfect for you. You’ve checked that it works fine, the engine is roaring and the wheels are moving. You’ve gone through the interior and are satisfied with it. You’ve even asked for the price and negotiated the rates. At the time of the payment or even after that, you are told by the car dealer that there is no title available for the car. Now you’re in a situation where you’ve bought or are buying a car with no title. So, What do you do?

Why is title important when purchasing a vehicle?

Why is title important when purchasing a vehicle

In a nutshell, the vehicle title proves the ownership of the car. So if you have a vehicle already, you must have its title lying around somewhere which would state that you own the vehicle. The title is not a deed but a certificate or a statement that contains information about the vehicle like its model, make, year, engine, and more. This type of information is essential in determining how much tax and registration cost is applicable to your vehicle.

A title is not only important for the buyer or seller as well. It contains information about when you purchased the vehicle among the many times it changed hands. As a seller, you need to keep the title of a vehicle for 18 months after you’ve sold the vehicle as proof of purchase. You need to take care of the vehicle’s title as upon losing it, the process of applying for a copy of the title from your local DMV can be a hassle.

Buying a car with no title can be a dodgy sale as in many cases, stolen vehicles or flooded cars are usually sold to unsuspecting buyers or those who have no idea of the importance of a title.

So now that you know the importance of vehicle title, what to do when you’re buying a car with no title?

What to do when you’re buying a car with no title?

What to do when you’re buying a car with no title

Yep, the situation you’re in can happen to anyone. You’re at the buyer, select your vehicle and later you realize there is no vehicle title for it. In such cases, do what we do, follow the guidelines below.

Do you research

It’s always important to do your research before buying anything. In this case, before buying a car with no title, you can start your research by looking at the vehicle’s car history. A car’s legal status and history can easily be ordered from online registered companies like Carfax. A vehicle history report or VHR is important to find out whether the vehicle is clean, stolen, or salvaged.

VHR has information like when the car was purchased, who the owner was, when it was sold, was the vehicle involved in an accident, and more. If the VHR is not positive at all or feels like something shady might be going on, then follow your instincts and walk away. You’ll find another vehicle later, just as good if not better.

Get a bill of sale

Get a bill of sale

Okay, so this is pretty straightforward. Since you know that you won’t be getting a vehicle title upon purchase, you need a document to prove your ownership of the vehicle in the future. Ask the seller to make a bill of sale before buying a car with no title or before making full payment.

The bill of sale should include VIN, odometer reading, sale price, and the items included with the vehicle. Make sure other terms and conditions are mentioned on the bill of sale. Personal information like buyers’ details and seller details (legal names, legal addresses, and phone numbers) should also be mentioned on the bill of sale.

Do note that when buying things, always pay in the form of a cheque or bank draft with an agreement. If the seller has promised to provide the title or any other documents after a few days, then you need some security to protect yourself. Paying cash would simply close the transaction with the seller not obliged to give you the remaining documents. Always have an agreement with the seller in place.

Get a duplicate copy

We mentioned earlier about getting a duplicate from a DMV. Although it can be a hassle, it is another option that individuals can choose to go for if they’re buying a car with no title. You can apply for a duplicate copy of the title or ask the seller to arrange it for you. It might take a few weeks before the DMV gets back with a copy of the title. Once the title arrives, then you can purchase the vehicle without any worries.

If you have a vehicle without a title and are looking to sell? Let us know. Click here to find out how to sell cars to car buyers.

Can My Car Be Towed Without Warning?

Sometimes getting your car towed can be a huge sigh of relief for many drivers. But it can be a hectic experience sometimes. In times like that, you might ask yourself “can my car be towed without warning”?

Waiting on the side of the road with a tucked car can be nerve-wracking. During such times, when you see a tow company heading your way to tow your car can put you at ease knowing that you’re in safer hands. However, sometimes you can get your vehicle towed for many different reasons like driving under the influence or parking in a no-parking zone and more. At this point, you may be wondering, can my car be towed without warning? The answer is not so simple, so read on to find out more.

Can my car be towed without warning?

can my car be towed without warning

This question “Can my car be towed without warning?” is a question that doesn’t have a straightforward answer. If you’ve left your car on the highway to get gas from the nearby gas station, you might come back to a sticker on your windshield requiring you to move your vehicle within 24 hours. However, there can be a situation whereby your car is towed without any warning. So, if you’re wondering “can my car be towed without warning?”, it depends.

Let’s look at certain circumstances that might warrant a tow especially towing without warning.

Parking related

You’re driving around town and can’t find a parking spot, so what do you do? Many of us end up parking in the nearby street, next to a private home. This can be a troubling situation if you’ve parked on a curb next to somebody’s house without asking for their permission. If you haven’t asked for permission or have not informed them that your car will be parked on their curbside, the home-owners might end up calling the police or a towing company to tow your vehicle away.

You can however park a vehicle in a non-residential area illegally and get a notice that would require you to move the vehicle away within 24 hours. This can be enough time for someone to get their things and leave. A notice during these times can be a sigh of relief but parking illegally in residential zones will warrant an immediate tow.

What if I park my vehicle in the middle of the road, can my car be towed without warning? That is a good situation to analyze actually.

If you’ve parked the car on the roadside and left it empty while you went out to either get a mechanic or bring some gas back over, you might come back to a car with a warning. The warning gives the vehicle owner 24 hours to move the vehicle from the parking spot. However, if your vehicle is parked in a spot that could cause danger or trouble to other drivers, then expect your vehicle to be gone by the time you get there. Police will call in a tow truck to have it immediately removed.

Being pulled over

Usually, when a driver gets pulled over, they get a ticket in most cases. You might be overspeeding or didn’t follow the traffic rules, either case you most probably won’t get your car towed. However, if you’re caught driving under influence, then it is the duty of the officer to not let you in the car. DUI can be dangerous to the driver and those around them. Hence, you will get your vehicle towed without any warnings. This can also include license issues or driving with a suspended license.

Stacks of parking tickets

Parking tickets are the most common fines in the USA as many are in a hurry and end up parking either in a no parking zone or park their vehicles wrong. We believe that the chances of getting parking tickets in one’s life are pretty high and perhaps you might also have one in your drawers.

So, can your vehicle be towed without warning if you have a parking ticket? This depends on state laws. In some counties, no matter how many tickets you accumulate, your vehicle cannot be towed away. However, there are some states that tow your vehicle if you have too many parking tickets especially if they’re unpaid.

What to do if your vehicle is towed?

can my car be towed without warning

If your vehicle is towed, you need to go and pick it up from the nearest impound. Usually, that is a place where your vehicle might be taken and kept until you go and ask for it. You will be required to pay certain charges like impound fees, storage charges, and more. Do note that if you have too many parking tickets, you may not be allowed to renew your license until those tickets are cleared.

Free Towing When You Sell a Junk Car

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