Besides cost and performance, people also view repair and maintenance as one of the most important factors when considering buying new cars. With the economy stagnant and disposable income decreasing due to inflation, people prefer to buy a car with less hassles involved like better fuel mileage, lower repair costs, great resale value and more.

Keeping that in mind, we have narrowed down our list of easiest cars to work on so that you don’t waste your time scouring the internet for hours to find a reliable and affordable car.

Top 5 brands that have easy to repair cars

There are hundreds of brands out there for consumers to choose from with some brands being great for performance while others good in pricing. Unreliable brands or brands that purely focus in one area (for example speed, performance, pricing and more) are not the easiest cars to work on in terms of repair and maintenance. Their parts might be expensive or installation of parts can get complicated which further drives up costs.

Lucky for you, we’ve gone through hundreds of brands and singled it down to the top 5 brands that have the easiest cars to work on.


People looking to buy new cars would rejoice to hear that Kia offers a great warranty with basic and powertrain coverage that lasts for 5 years for the basic and 10 years for the powertrain coverage. This is great if your car breaks down since it’ll be covered under warranty. Mitsuibishi also offers superb warranty coverage, however, their cars lack the reliability that is offered by Kia.


Subaru has seen an increase in their vehicle sales year on year for the last decade. The reason is simply because Subaru is one of the easiest cars to work on as they have colored caps under the hood. Owners of the car can simply refer to their color guide that explains everything making the repair an easy DIY job. The best thing about a Subaru is that it has a huge fan following that continuously adds to the literature available for the car. So if your Subaru starts to act up, know that there might be a guide on the internet to help resolve the issue.

Jeep Wrangler

Remember those times as a kid when all you used to play was with legos and dirt? Jeep wrangler brings the exact same feeling. The car is built like a lego, easy to dismantle or change parts while its 4×4 ability allows the vehicle to drive in harsh terrains. There are tons of stories about a jeep wrangler and how it always reaches its destination without failing the driver. People can easily diagnose problems and get to it without any complications. Don’t believe us? Watch the grand tour special where Jeremy Clarkson drives a Jeep Wrangler across Columbia.


Toyota is the largest auto manufacturer in the world with their corollas sold in the millions. Boasting such impressive sales, Toyota has been able to bring down the cost of parts due to mass production while providing accessibility to the spare parts across the world. People anywhere can buy a spare part for their corolla at a relatively better price than other brands. This makes Toyota one of the easiest cars to work on if repairs and maintenance is ever needed.


There are two brands that have pickup trucks that sell well and don’t change much over the years. Chevrolet and GMC pickup trucks have garnered a lot of fan-base information over the years allowing users to understand what might be wrong with their vehicle in case anything happened. The two brands also have very similar model pickup trucks which require the same spare parts enabling users to easily repair their vehicles. The compartments in these trucks are also spacious making it easier for mechanics or owners to get closer to the engine in case any repairs are required.

Are electric vehicles some of the easiest cars to work on?

In theory, yes. Electric vehicles do not require oil change, spark plugs replacement, engine belts, filters and more. Even the brake pads don’t often require replacement because of their regenerative braking systems.

Electric vehicles have the ability to automatically update their software without going to an auto shop. However, it’s not as if electric vehicles don’t require any maintenance. Defective parts can fail while tyres need to be changed according to their purchase manual. The vehicle needs an annual inspection as well to assess the wear and tear situation.

There is no such thing as a vehicle that doesn’t require any maintenance or repairs during its lifetime. However, it’s easy to work on a vehicle that is produced and sold in large volumes. This enables mechanics to be geared up and ready to repair such cars easily as the knowledge to do so is readily available. Secondly, bulk production enables auto manufacturers to reduce the cost of spare parts ensuring an easy, quick and cheap repair.

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