Long periods of time spent driving are an inevitable part of every road trip and luckily, the modern automobile is equipped with a variety of cool gadgets for a car that may make driving safer, smoother, and more pleasurable. Cool gadgets for a car and fun car accessories may help you out in a variety of situations while you’re on the road. This cool car stuff includes keeping the inside clean and organized, charging your electronics while on the move, linking your phone to your vehicle, and even potentially saving your life.

You probably will not need these cool car stuff, if you drive a brand-new, high-end car, but if you don’t, getting a little bit of modern functionality may make a huge difference in your comfort and safety on the road. In this article, we will look at some of the cool gadgets for a car that are cool car stuff.

What Are The Cool Gadgets For A Car?

Let’s look at some of the cool gadgets for a car that are fun car accessories as well.

Exterior LED Light Kit

Exterior LED Light Kit

The aesthetic value of a car is often placed on par with its functional value by its owners. Some people seek supplemental outside lighting to increase their vehicle’s visibility at night. Outdoor LED lights are a great choice for any of these applications. These lights are available in sets of two, four, or six and are weatherproof enough to be used in any climate. Although they aren’t designed to be used while driving, they do make good puddle lights. Colors include blue, green, white red, and yellow. If you aren’t confident in your ability to successfully connect the lights to your car’s electrical system, you should see an experienced installer.

Car Headrest Tablet Mount

This multifunctional vehicle headrest is linked with a wide variety of devices, including iPads and Samsung tablets, so it can be used to amuse passengers on lengthy car trips. The hook-and-loop strap attaches firmly to the headrest without interfering with your ability to use the tablet’s controls or see its display. With its silicon holding net, tablets and iPads are protected from scratches and other damage while in transit. The net is easily detached and reattached when entering and departing a vehicle.

Echo Auto

Echo Auto

You can now carry your virtual assistant Alexa with you everywhere you go, which is great news if she has become a permanent fixture in your house. Connect Echo Auto to your phone’s Alexa app and your vehicle speakers (through major factor contributing jack or Bluetooth) to use Alexa in the car.

The eight microphones and the far technologies allow you to be audible over the car’s stereo, the air conditioner, and the ambient noise of the road, so you can make requests, listen to audiobooks, set reminders, and check the price of gas.

You may turn off the microphone at any moment, thus turning off the voice activation feature, if you’re concerned about your privacy. Make sure your vehicle is compatible with it first.

Dash Cam

A dash cam is a useful tool for keeping an eye on the road and providing backup in case of an accident. If you need a compact and covert dash cam, go no further than this Garmin offering. It has a 1440p HD lens with a 140-degree field of view. You may record at any time of day or night and still get good results. Plus, you can see your movie instantly on the 2-inch LCD screen located on the camera’s rear. The camera records continuously and automatically, and it can be instructed to store footage, start or stop recording, or snap images simply by using your voice. When the vehicle is parked, the camera may continue to record to keep an eye out for anything unusual.

Phone Holder

Phone holder

It is possible that a phone holder will provide you with an option that is both secure and handy in the case that you do not choose to utilize the built-in screen or satellite navigation system in your car.

This procedure makes it simple to read the display on your smartphone while you are driving by eliminating the need to put your phone down in an inconvenient position anywhere near your face. Because the only expenditure required is for a magnet to be attached to the back of your device, selecting this path is an exceptionally economical alternative. Once you have completed those steps, you may use the magnet to secure your device to the vent holder.

Handheld Vacuum

Handheld Vacuum

It is annoying when crumbs, mud, dust, and other little particles make their way into your vehicle, but you don’t have to deal with them as much if you have a portable vacuum. A portable vacuum cleaner can be charged and stored in the vehicle for quick cleanups and emergency situations. It can operate for 15 minutes on a single charge and has two levels of high suction. It is lightweight and compact, so it will not be a burden to store.

Night Vision

Night vision is not something that comes standard in the majority of cars; rather, it is an expensive option that is only offered in high-end brands. There are a variety of companies that have made it feasible to equip any vehicle with night vision at a price that is far lower than what it would cost to purchase from the manufacturer.

It features a camera with a Sony sensor and a 28mm lens, and an 8.2in 1080p screen (albeit not a 16:9 aspect ratio). This provides a clear, magnified image of the road ahead, improving visibility in low light or rain. You will not receive notifications if you see a pedestrian, unlike other built-in systems, since there are no cautions when risks are identified. On the other hand, this means you will not have to worry about receiving any false alerts, which might occur sometimes with such systems.

You may attach it to your windshield with the suction cup or the silicone base. The three adhesive pads provided are necessary to keep it in place throughout rigorous testing, particularly during severe braking and turning. Cables to connect it to either the OBD port or the car’s 12V accessory outlet are provided. The cable also has a second camera input, which may be used to connect a camera to the back of the device. The 720p back camera is sold separately for $100.

If you’re using the suction cup mount rather than the base, you’ll need to rotate the screen to change the contrast and brightness, switch between the front and back cameras, and so on. With the press of a different button, you may toggle between color and black & white.

It may take some time to get accustomed to the size of the screen, which is about the same as a rear-view mirror. You might not require it if your car already has very bright headlights, but in many vehicles, it does improve nighttime visibility, especially in well-lit areas. Because the camera has a limited range of motion and can only be rotated so far until it is no longer pointing in the direction of the road, the screen must be roughly parallel to your windshield. This is intentionally done with the aim of avoiding blurry photos that are generated by the movement of the camera. It is important to remember that the device is merely a monitor and not a dash cam that can capture video.


The purpose of some of the cool gadgets for a car that should be purchased is not only for amusement. Generally, these cool gadgets for a car make driving and traveling far more pleasant and risk-free experiences for the driver. I hope you have got a clear picture of these cool gadgets for a car that are both useful and fun car accessories.

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